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The Only Way to Really See Spain!

Hiking tours are an offbeat type of adventure tourism and not for most people. In most cases, these kinds of holidays will focus almost solely on hiking from one place to another. There may at times be some time spent using vehicles to get to distinct hiking spots, and that will differ depending on the overall schedule and the type of tour. Hiking tours can be accomplished as a group activity, or on a solo basis, and some people prefer to use guides, while others like to go it alone.

Long Distance

There are those out there who like to go into the wilderness and walk over long distances, from one place to another. An example would be to go on a Spanish walking holiday, travelling over a long section of the Catalonia and Languedoc Coastline, from one small town to another, where people often stay in accommodation overnight, before travelling to the next place on the following day. The choice is yours.

Guide or No Guide?

Having a guide around can make hiking trips safer and more focussed. And yet, some hikers prefer to take tours without the help of a guide, due to expenses, or because they somehow take some of the danger and mystery out of a hiking holiday. But, generally speaking, guides are often considered a better choice for those hikers with less experience, while unguided tours are more appealing to seasoned or semi-seasoned veterans.


Well, apart from the usual benefits of seeing a country up and close and away from the swarms of package holiday tourists, hiking is often a great way to get some exercise, and will definitely assist in helping people get into better shape. Another plus, is that they’re usually a relatively inexpensive sort of vacation, because there will be less time spent on money draining activities, such as shopping. Hiking can be even more cost effective should people decide to go on an unguided tour and camp out, instead of using hotels.


Walking activity can be very trying on one’s body, and should you be new to long distance walking, you may not be ready to handle steep climbs or any other difficulties. Have a chat with a professional walking tour operator and ask them what grades of difficulty they recommend. You might also want to check with a doctor to see if it’s safe for you. And even if a doctor gives you the thumbs up, why not get some practice in by walking for a week or two before you go, at least a couple of miles at home?


This would include everything from water bottles, sunglasses, and a hat, to backpacks. A Swiss army knife is always a good friend to have around, should you need it. How much gear is needed will generally depend on the exact type of hiking tour someone is undertaking. Try making a diary of where you went, what you saw, and how you felt on your walking holiday experience, and simply enjoy!

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