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Where to Stay When You’re in Barcelona

The history of Barcelona is rich and diverse. It has existed in some form or another for hundreds of years. It has long been a hub of trade, culture, and innovation for Spain and for Europe as a whole. In fact, the city of Barcelona has existed since before Spain was even a sovereign nation. As the many different kingdoms of the past have changed and given way to new cultures, Barcelona has absorbed and adapted these changes. When you are in the city, it is truly difficult to know what to see and what to do. There are so many different attractions to see. If you are interested in great food from around the world, you will be pleased. If you’re interested in exploring parts of history, you’ll also be excited. There’s something for everybody, but you can’t do everything. Here are a few parts of Barcelona you absolutely must visit.

La Rambla

La Rambla is one of the most famous roads in the world. One prominent writer even said that La Rambla is the only road in the world that he wishes would never end. The road has been around for almost one thousand years. It gets its name from the Arabic word for sand. Originally, La Rambla was a sewage-filled canal that cut through the middle of Barcelona. It separated the suburbs of the city from the inner city; fortunately, the road has moved far beyond its sewage-filled history. Now, it cuts through the heart of Barcelona and features some of the most iconic architecture in the world.

There are structures built by architects over the past six hundred years that the United Nations now deems to be world heritage sites. They’re considered sites that improve the overall quality of the world and must be preserved. These factors make it one of the best areas to stay in Barcelona. Several famous opera houses are on the tree-lined streets. If you visit La Rambla, you should be mindful of pickpockets. Other than that, it’s a great place to visit.

Ciutat Vella

Ciutat Vella is a phrase in Catalan, the original language of Barcelona, that means “old city.” The phrase refers to the fact that Ciutat Vella consists of some of the oldest neighbourhoods in Barcelona. In fact, some of the architecture in Ciutat Vella dates back to before the medieval period. La Rambla is one of the roads through the district, but the district as a whole has many features that are distinct from La Rambla. The area, due to its longstanding nature, has sometimes been a destination for criminals. In order to reduce the criminality and increase the level of tourist engagement, Ciutat Vella was recently revitalised. It now features many pedestrian walkways and population centres that are designed to encourage tourism. The crime rate has dropped severely and the area is one of the safest in Barcelona. It is also one of the most exciting for anyone interested in architecture or history.

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